Now days we hear the word SEO everywhere. What is SEO? Why is it important? SEO or search engine optimization refers to optimizing your website in such a way that the traffic quantity and quality increases. The main purpose of the SEO is to attract more users towards the website and in order to do […]

On page SEO

On-page SEO. On-page SEO is optimizing one’s page content in such a way that the page ranks higher in SERP and there is an upsurge in the on-site traffic. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links […]

Technical SEO

Technical SEO as the name suggests is all about the technicalities of a website. It is all about the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. With technical SEO, you can help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your website without any problems. While on-page SEO is all about content […]

The Risks of Cheap SEO Services

All good things come with a price and effective SEO should never be cheap. SEO is arguably more important in today’s competitive digital marketplace than it has been at any point in its history. An innate ability to distinguish good SEO services from those that are merely cheap or accessible should be lionised upon. It’s […]

What are Keywords in SEO

Keywords are what laymen think of when they hear about SEO for the first time. They are thoughts and points that characterize what a webpage is about. Regarding SEO, they’re the words and expressions that users type in their Search Engine in order to get to that particular webpage. If you boil down everything on […]

What are the benefits of SEO

We have all heard the word ‘SEO’ being thrown around casually. In fact, very few people actually know the full-scale benefits of SEO. There are various studies which have been performed, but it is true that all SEO techniques are subject to Google’s algorithm. A small disruption in Google’s policies can hint towards a large […]

What does SEO stand for?

General Introduction SEO can be translated to Search Engine Optimization, and you will always see Content Writing enthusiasts and Digital Marketing services boasting of giving your website the best SEO possible. However, it is not that simple. SEO is not merely a matter of using the right kind of keywords, as there are over 200 […]

What is long tail SEO? 

It is a way of generating high value organic traffic by replacing the keywords by long tail keywords. It’s a cost efficient and more effective technique than short tail SEO. Long tail SEO mainly focuses on generating long keywords in order to reduce competition and attract a more subject selective and topic driven audience. By […]

What is SEO Management (and why is it important)

If you have decided to get into Content Writing and start your own blog about pets or you wish to write more about the financial instability of your country and show why a company’s financial services should be employed in your flings with Digital Marketing, having a strong base in SEO comes really handy. You […]

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