What is SEO Management (and why is it important)

If you have decided to get into Content Writing and start your own blog about pets or you wish to write more about the financial instability of your country and show why a company’s financial services should be employed in your flings with Digital Marketing, having a strong base in SEO comes really handy. You hear it being thrown around often. Companies list it as a basic skill required in their job offers when they hire content writers and there are full-fledged websites out there which promise to boost your website through SEO. A loose definition would be the unpacking of this acronym: Search Engine Optimisation. It translates to giving Google and other search engines solid reasons as to why your website should be ranked higher than your competitors (that is, appear first on relevant search pages).

SEO Management is your company’s or agency’s management of SEO with regards to your website. Content Writing and Digital Marketing are two fields where one should try their best to master SEO, considering how much it pops up in their own work! This is not an overnight scheme and very rarely does someone wake up after tweaking their content a bit to witness more than a million views. It usually takes a lot more tweaks and is not as simple as having the right amount of keywords. There are well above 200 factors which search engines (such as Google) use to judge your website and compare them with other relevant web-pages. It’s completely understandable if you have a great idea but you don’t know how to market it. That is actually a very common sight to behold, and this is where SEO Management agencies come in. 55% of companies usually end up employing the services of an SEO agency. Even if your SEO agency knows exactly what they’re trying to do, just like CreativeDalaal, it is important to know what it all means. We like keeping our customers in the loop after all.

  1. Know your audience: Content Writing falls apart if you try explaining quantum physics to a person who has no interest in Science, and the same goes for Digital Marketing and multiple other fields. Understanding who the audience is leads to your chances of success in the online world increasing drastically. All of this forces us to ask a few questions about our own product: Why is it so special? Is it really necessary? Which category of people is going to buy it? What will be the commonly asked questions, and what reply we ought to give? If you know who your target audience is, then you can cut down your plans of the website having a broader appeal and make it more focused. This is a process which needs to be repeated over time, and asking this question multiple times throughout the lifespan of one’s business allows you to have a fluid and adaptive business model.
  1. Know thy rivals!: If you can’t outmatch your rivals because they’re so good at what they do, a good competitor analysis will allow you to at least chart out their procedure of becoming a Content Writing or Digital Marketing giant. The direct competitors produce the same products as you do and you probably already have a list ready of those companies. All you need to do is to constructively critique their SEO management of their websites in order to derive lessons for your. Indirect competitors don’t produce the same products as you do but still pop up on common google searches. For example, if someone types in Content Writing services in Delhi,’ it’s possible that they may specialise in ghostwriting whereas you write product descriptions, but both the companies may pop up. It may be possible that the direct competitor doesn’t even have a proper SEO strategy, but the indirect competitor knows something right because otherwise they wouldn’t have popped up alongside you on that Google search page! Study their targeted keywords and high-quality backlinks. Are they employing intuitive questionnaires? How clean and modular does their website appear to be? All of this can be overwhelming, which is why you should be dropping us a call as you’re reading this to employ our services.
  1. Improvise your website: Enough target-seeking and competition, now let’s focus on what we have at our own disposal. You’ve a website and after understanding the target audience and studying your competitors, you know what to do to take your Content Writing and Digital marketing game to the next level. This is where website optimization comes in. This is a slow process and you won’t see overnight results. It’s actually exhausting if your website has a lot of pages and you’ve not hired someone good with SEO, like us. But if you wish to go ahead with it, do understand that you’ll be tweaking all your pages for a decent amount of time before they go live again, and then they’re going to take their sweet time to show some Return On Investment. You will be talking about the Title Tag, Meta Descriptions, Images, etc. All of this is not easy to create, much less reimagine altogether!
  1. Study the reports: It’s nice to have your website optimized but what’s the point if no traffic comes your way, besides the aesthetic appeal? If you study the monthly reports with regards to the traffic that’s being driven towards your website (or lack thereof), then you’ll be able to judge your SEO strategy better and realise what was the highest yielding decision you made. Maybe you switched one picture for a video, and now you know that your target audience loves watching videos. A monthly or a weekly report check is the industry standard, and we at CreativeDalaal have made a habit out of it. Content Writing services or Digital Marketing geek, we have got your reports and conclusions thereof covered! You can use multiple tools such as Google Analytics to access and understand your monthly/weekly reports. Be sure to keep an eye out (and hope for) an increase in Organic Traffic and Rankings in search results. That means whatever you’ve done, you have done something right.


We were overwhelmed as well when we were starting out our own agency. We empathise with your problems and we face them on a day-to-day basis as well. It’s not the absence of problems that make you skilled, but rather the ability to deal with them. You can always drop us a mail at CreativeDalaal if you’re feeling overwhelmed because of your SEO concerns! 

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