What are the benefits of SEO

We have all heard the word ‘SEO’ being thrown around casually. In fact, very few people actually know the full-scale benefits of SEO. There are various studies which have been performed, but it is true that all SEO techniques are subject to Google’s algorithm. A small disruption in Google’s policies can hint towards a large shift in SEO practices and can change the world of Digital marketing

Here are a few benefits of SEO!

Better User experience

There are numerous ways you can improve your site and augment client experience. This incorporates furnishing your traffic with pertinent data, related photographs or recordings to supplement the text, simple to explore pages, or a versatile & amicable site design. The entirety of this prompts a superior client experience. This results in more clicks, more leads, better brand review, and higher conversion rates. This is the thing that search engine locales are searching for, and thus this improves your position on the SERP. Improvement of your position can boost your overall Digital marketing campaign.

Good results in terms of Leads

Inbound methodologies are the best and effective source of leads among Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) and NGOs. Inbound incorporates search engine improvement, online networking, content marketing, referrals, and others. Digital marketing can be tricky, you see! On the off chance that you are not getting leads from your SEO strategies, at that point you should return to your basics. Another player in the market may be getting the lion’s share of the pie.

Increased close-rates

Connecting with clients (outbound or cold leads) frequently brings about lower conversion rates. Though SEO leads, where a client performs real research of your item or administration, brings about higher conversion. These people making their research online as of now have a particular prerequisite and reason because of which they’re looking around in the first place.

Higher conversion rate

Great positioning of your webpage on any search engine sites can promise you high transformation rates. Your objective market will turn out to be progressively mindful of you as long as you keep up your top position. As clients are getting progressively acquainted with your image and as their insight about items/administrations increment, there is an incredible chance of your clients finalizing the negotiation with you.

Efficient cost management

Search engine optimization brings down advertising costs. At a point when you have the most recognised website in your niche, there is no requirement for you to pay per click or publicize your page. You will keep on remaining over the remainder of the search results as long as Internet clients click your website on SERPs. To add to that, exercises relating to inbound lead generation include search engine streamlining, SMM, blogging, referrals, and so forth. These have next to zero expense by any stretch of the imagination. Digital marketing receives a lot of heat for requiring heavy investment, luckily most of it is in temporal rather than monetary terms. Outbound lead generation exercises incorporate the creation of cold colds, visiting customers, or direct selling. Better cost administration is only a couple of the advantages of SEO to your business.  

Visiting the real store

After a long-haul of local research, there is a high inclination for clients to visit the nearby store or shop. For instance, a web client enters in “Best Seafood Restaurant in Bangalore”. This will show an assortment of alternatives. The web client will at that point visit their top decision and turn into a client of that café. This is an example of Digital marketing bringing you physical sales!


Positioning first, second or third may give your clients the idea that you are one of the top players in the business. It shows that you are mainstream and numerous clients have researched you, as well. Then again, clients may feel that you are not yet notable and just another player in the business on the off chance that you are at the bottom of the search engine results. This may likewise lead a few clients to feel that you have no advertising-plan to help your site rank for better search results. All of this is a bad rep for any digital marketing enthusiast, and people tend to remember your moves over the internet. It is best to move forward with a well-developed SEO strategy from the very start.

Increased brand awareness

Brand Awareness is the degree to which the objective market perceives a brand. This refers to how comfortable your clients are with your item or administration. Search Engine Optimization guarantees that your item is effectively found via search engine platforms through standard and natural search. When you stay at the top of the positioning, Internet clients will have the option to see you more. This prompts a higher inclination for your search result to be clicked, which drives the clients to your site. One of the advantages of SEO for your business is building up your image’s brand awareness much further.

Mobile-friendly websites

Web optimization improves client experience since Google Search has incorporated another indicator as a positioning metric and this refers to the friendliness of sites to cell phones. Back in April 2015, Google Search expressed that portable abilities significantly affects sites’ rankings on Google Search. Thus, good SEO shall lead to conversions, which will bring about better client experience and simpler route of sites.


Just as how long it took you to arrive at the top of search results, pulling you down the requires some serious energy (or should we say neglect?)  Six months is the minimum term for a site to keep up the best position. Except if Google algorithm is changed or different contenders have improved their SEO techniques, it is difficult to pull you down the search rankings.

Market share

Being at the top of the search list implies a high propensity for your site to be found by Internet clients. These clients are presently considered as your leads. When they’ve discovered their necessary data from your site, these leads may transform into your clients. Clients may either make a purchase, pursue participation, or buy in to a pamphlet. Long story short, your conversion rate increases. When this occurs, you further gain a portion of the market.

All of this can sound very stressful. It is okay if you’re not very comfortable doing your own SEO. Why do you think we are here? Creative Dalaal boasts of a wide range of Digital Marketing enthusiasts who have tried various techniques of SEO and applied them all personally! We hope to hear from you soon!

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