What is Dynamic Creative Optimization?

Dynamic Creative refers to the integration of graphical components in an advertisement’s creative using the shopper’s specific data: products seen, geolocation, time of display, etc. The graphical components are defined manually at the setup of a display campaign and the dynamic information is filled in real-time for each shopper before the creative is served.

When users visit your website, a series of actions happen that make impressions on this canvas. What someone sees on your site, as well as their geolocation and how they interact with your webpages, are all vital parts in an ad’s creative.

When they first visit the page, they encounter basic ads that may appeal to everyone in your target audience. Once DCO becomes involved, however, the ads change. Its data feeds collect information that curates custom creatives for every user. With dynamic creative optimization, you can focus on select elements that you want to include in your creatives. For instance, a business can use the time, location, and even previous viewing history of a user.

DCO combines inputs from your creative management platform (CMP), data management platform (DMP), and demand-side platforms (DSPs) with an algorithm. Picking the best combination of creative to put in front of a viewer, based on first- and third-party data sources. Plus, it will optimize this combination of elements as the campaign progresses automatically.

And just like any other campaign, rules can be programmed via a DSP. For example, if click-through rate (CTR) is lower than another ad version it will stop showing a particular combination of creative. DCO is not a new concept. It is something that has been used across different sectors for years. However, its application in marketing, and specifically its development within display advertising is exciting.

Benefits of Dynamic Creative Optimization

Personalized advertisements

When you use a dynamic creative optimization tool, you create a framework of advertisements that appeal to your prospective audience. DCO reduces your risk of producing ads that seem like spam or offer zero value to your target market.

Adding personalization to your advertising campaign does more than produce happy clients. Research shows that shoppers are more likely to choose or pay more for a brand that delivers a personalized experience, investing in DCO helps you reach your revenue goals too.

Responds to advertisements in real-time

Dynamic creative optimization ads respond and adapt to users in real-time. DCO collects the data fast and uses it to create personalized ads. Information like a user’s location, time of display, and browsing history from the most relevant and customized set of ads for a shopper. For many businesses, the biggest perk is knowing that users are always viewing the most relevant ads, which is a feature that can help boost conversions and sales.

Expedites Advertising

When you invest in this valuable advertising tool, you benefit in two ways. When your business chooses which information to collect in a creative, DCO provides a fast and personalized experience for users. This act then boosts ad performance by generating ads that best match each user. Ultimately, you maximize your advertising potential while ensuring that users viewing your ads enjoy an optimal browsing experience. DCO offers not only an immediate impact, but also maximum ad performance.

Provide hands-free automation

DCO doesn’t require too much attention on your part because it offers hands-free automation. Automate your optimization, and DCO will take care of the rest. The technology used in this system gathers information to ensure the best performing creative with little to no action on your end. It is essential for your team to monitor your ad campaign performance, however.

Static templates vs Dynamic designs

Often the constraints of DCO offered by certain DCO-specific providers, means producing generic static ads. In addition, the coding of individual assets is required; making the setting-up of a DCO campaign, a slow and laborious process – for fairly boring end products. It may be relevant and targeted but it’s going to make your astute viewer reach for the ad blocker.  Yet it is easy to avoid this template solution with a CMP.

Where creative management platforms excel in DCO ad production, is in control, flexibility, and optimization of creative design. They offer the same awesome versioning and rich media capabilities of the best HTML5 display campaigns – code-free – via DCO.

DCO is not a new concept. It is something that has been used across different sectors for years. However, its application in marketing, and specifically its development within display advertising is exciting.

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