How does YouTube SEO work?

Some amazing facts about YouTube that makes it the best platform for video marketing

•    YouTube is the second largest search engine, right after Google. It’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask combined.

•    YouTube has over 2 billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

•    You can navigate YouTube in more than 80 different languages, covering 95% of the Internet population.

For any type of digital marketing SEO plays a huge role in it. Optimization of content is crucial to get traffic and maintain the level over the search engine- be it YouTube or Google. The main aim of the search engine optimization is to get more traffic from diverse sources and to get repetitive visitors.

How do people discover videos on YouTube?

Most of your views come from YouTube suggesting your video to their users. So, how do recommendations work?

YouTube takes into account many signals, including watch and search history as well as the channels that you’ve subscribed to. Another factor that YouTube’s recommendation systems consider is whether others who clicked on the same video watched it to completion (a sign that the video is higher quality or enjoyable) or just clicked on it and shortly after starting to view the video, clicked away.  It also considers your context, such as your country and time of day.

So, the best way to grab an audience’s attention is by optimizing your video in such a way that it pops up in recommendations as well as is in one of the top search results.

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO can be compared with on page SEO– where all the magic resides in the keywords. Keyword optimization is a key part of YouTube SEO. So if a video has lots and lots of views, chances are, that video is optimized around a popular keyword.

Here comes the important part- How to find perfect keywords?

1.    Use YouTube search- Similar to google search, YouTube search suggests sentences and related topics that people searched for. Select some keywords that you find important- like if your video is about cars then related words would be car, automobile, brand name etc.- enter them into YouTube search bar and viola, YouTube will autocomplete the sentence and you’ll get more keywords.

2.    Choose a video from the list of top videos- Select a video related to the video you’re making and find the keywords that it is optimized around. Check out the keywords that the video uses in its title, description and video tags.

3.    YouTube Traffic source- You can also find some excellent keywords in your YouTube “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report. This report shows you all the keywords that YouTube users have searched for to find your videos.

How to engage the audience?

Like we read before, it’s important to retain and engage an audience. YouTube keeps track of engagement time of people with your video. If you want your videos to rank, you need to keep people watching. YouTube ranks your video according to the time people spent on your video.

The only way to do this is make relevant, popular and amazing content which makes the entirety of the video interesting and engaging.

Link building

Link building can be done in many ways. You can create backlinks pointing back to videos on your channel as well as you can create links for your youtube videos and post them on your website in order to increase the link click rate. This will help increase traffic on your YouTube videos.

Factors indicating SEO success as well as contributing to it


Clicks are one of the simplest forms of engagement to measure. This means you’re starting to cultivate qualified leads as well as developing an audience base instead of basic traffic.


The more likes a video has, the higher engagement it will cultivate. We can also say that the content has authority and deserves more attention from the marketing team.


While likes are one of the many social media key performance indicators, shares are very important too. If you want to look at true engagement, then make sure you track your video shares. It indicates that the audience is willing to associate with the videos and find the content worth sharing.


YouTube algorithms use comments as part of the reason to rank your video higher in the search engine. That is one of the many reasons why people care about YouTube comments. Comments are very important, they give the content creator a way to communicate with their viewers and subscribers. They are very important to maintain the rapport between content creators and their viewers.

All the practices and optimization techniques of SEO are ways to make the content user friendly. In the end, if your video revolves around a popular topic or is interesting and relevant, it will climb its way to the top with little pushes here and there

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