Benefits of PPC advertising

As one of the most prevailing types of digital marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can profit pretty much any business. Indeed, even well-versed veterans know there are hardly any advertising systems that permit you to arrive at your interest group at almost any phase of the buying process. It is certainly a boon for […]

How Long Does PPC Take to Work?

If you compare long term digital marketing strategies such as organic SEO and social media marketing, PPC holds out the promise of fast and dramatic results. One of the easiest and quickest ways to increase website traffic and develop online sales is through pay per click advertising.   Technically, a pay per click campaign is successful […]

What Is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual targeting is a process that selects ad placements in the Display Network based on keywords, topics and other factors. First, Google Ads figures out what the core theme is around your website by analysing your content. Your content is then matched against keywords, selected topics, location, browsing habits and many other factors. For example, […]

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